Female Cleric: Mickey Mouse is not agent of Satan

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Update on this post.

Great, so it seems to be resolved… I’m not the one who said women are “deficient in intelligence”. It’s the “uswa hasana”, “al insaan al kaamil” who did.

Now can she or any other cleric go a step further and condemn the more serious edicts related to religious supremacism, violent jihad, and misogyny? More importantly, can that be done without facing death threats or without denying the sacred and canonical texts?

Surprise me.

Egypt cleric says Mickey Mouse is not agent of Satan

An Egyptian Muslim scholar has called for an end to risible religious edicts after a Saudi cleric said Mickey Mouse was an agent of Satan who should die, local media reported on Wednesday.

Sheikh Mohamed al-Munajid, a cleric who often appears on Saudi television and who is also a former Saudi diplomat in the United States, said last week that mice were “agents of Satan” and should be killed.

“Sharia (Islamic law) calls for the extermination of all mice. That includes the rodents as well as ‘the famous cartoon mouse’,” he said.

He blamed Mickey Mouse for causing people to become soft on mice.

However, Suad Saleh, a woman preacher who hosts a popular television programme on fatwas, or religious edicts, told the English-language daily Egyptian Gazette that Munajid’s ruling “tarnishes Islam’s image.”


Saleh said Muslim clerics should learn to become more media savvy.

Note the emphasized sentence. In other words, she’s saying, ‘do a better job at hiding your true image through dissimulation (taqiyya)’.


Saudi: Mickey Mouse Must Die

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I can’t believe how some people make a living out of spewing this crap:

Mickey Mouse must die for the good of Islam, a leading Saudi cleric said last month in a broadcast on al-Majd TV.

You can view the video with English subtitles from MEMRITV: Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid: Mickey Mouse Must Die!

Does this mean Farfour, the jihad-preaching Mickey, is off limits too?

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