“You are Christian and it is a good deed to kill you.”

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“You are Christian and it is a good deed to kill you.”

The line above is an excerpt from two death threats Hector Aleem’s family has received (scroll to the very bottom of this note to read a summary of who he is). They have been allegedly sent by Sunni Tehreek (ST). Literally meaning ‘Sunni Movement’, ST is an Islamic movement known for its violent tendencies.

Read them once, and then read them again, and imagine it was your family that received it. Suppose you were in prison for ‘blasphemy’, and your beloved family members are threatened with death and rape unless they convert to Islam:

“Kausar Parveen, wife of Hector Aleem,

“We know where you and your children live. This blasphemer [Hector] has been arrested because of us, now take care of yourself. As I told your husband, no one will be left from his generation. We will destroy your whole generation. You are Christian and it is a good deed to kill you. My Allah will be very happy if I kill you.

“That bastard’s bail had been rejected because of us. Now it’s your son’s turn. I will keep your daughters, and then you can call your Americans and Germans. Your husband is a traitor and his torment has just started, you just wait for your turn. We are very close to you. You can’t hide from us. If you all want to save yourself then there is only one condition: Just embrace Islam. Allah will be happy for you; we only want this.”.

“Kausar Parveen, wife of Hector Aleem,

“Toilet cleaners, Christians. You all deserve to be shot with a gun. First your husband blasphemed against our beloved Prophet Muhammad, and now you don’t want to get punished? Remember! If there comes a bastard judge who releases your husband, then we won’t leave your husband. Even If you try to leave this country, then we won’t let you go easily. I am proudly announcing that Sunni Tehreek will be responsible for your death. Go and show this letter to anyone. We can sacrifice every life on our beloved Prophet.”

I’m angered that a bunch of bullies are making the life of this human rights activist’s family a living hell, only because he insisted on standing up for his and others’ right to worship as they please.

It is no longer enough for us to feel sorry for the Islamic bullying the Aleems are facing. We must act. Every person of every religious (or non-religious) affiliation needs to stand up to the ST thugs and say, “No to your intimidation. No to your subjugation. No to your hatred. No to your violations of the Golden Rule. No to your dhimmitude, jizya, death, right hand possessions, and destruction of our places of worship.”

Please act now. If you have already signed the petition, please also write to Hector, to human rights groups, to your politicians, and to Pakistani officials.

Below is a list of specific items you can do:

Spread the word.


About Hector Aleem:

Christian human rights activist and director of NGO Peace Worldwide, Hector Aleem, was taken into custody in January 2009 because a militant Islamic group accused him of sending a ‘blasphemous’ text message from his cell phone. If convicted, he faces the death penalty under Pakistani law.

Prior to the 55-year-old’s arrest, Aleem was threatened by Islamic groups with assassination attempts and lawsuits because he objected to the illegal destruction of a church by Islamabad’s capital development authority (CDA). Muslim leaders threatened to kill him and his sons, and to forcibly convert his daughters to Islam.

Although a heart patient, Aleem has not been allowed to consume his medication and he has been denied visitation in prison. He was denied bail because Islamic mobs filled his trial courtroom and threatened to kill the judge, Aleem, and Aleem’s lawyer.

Aleem is the recipient of a peace award by Pakistan’s Prime Minister.


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